Unique Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests


Alright ladies I understand that this day is meant to be “yours”, but your guests are there to celebrate with you so why not make it fun for them also.  Here are some unique, along with the popular, ways to make your guests get out of their seats and interact, and keep the party going.


Tour the Town- Hire a local tour company to transport your guests to the reception tourist-style while giving them a brief tour of the area.  Perhaps personalize it to spots that are significant to the bride and groom.  Look for a trolley, ferry, double-decker bus, party bus or even the new bicycle bars!  Whatever will accommodate your number of guests.


Say Cheese!- The ever so popular photo booths! Either rent a photo booth and attendant for the night or do it yourself!  Create personalized back drops and props for your guests to go wild and loosen up.  Your back drop can be a simple sheet or wallpaper, or as extravagant as a homemade kissing booth that couples can pose kissing in, and can also serve in lieu of a receiving line.  Props can be funny hats, glasses, chalk boards, vintage frames, mustaches on a stick, and of course colorful boas.  Photos can be personalized with the date, and make as a great party favor for guests to keep as mementos.


Hire a Professional- Make the cocktail hour or dinner more interesting. Hire a Live artist to paint the event as it is taking place, a cartoon artist, or silhouette artist.  Magicians, illusionists, fire blowers or spinners, and for the more mystic couple Tarot card readers, or palm readers.  Professional dancers, Singing servers, an Aerialist, or even a comedian can keep the guests amazed and entertained.


Bar Stations- Display top picks of the bride and groom for their choice of drink.  Wine tasting, beer tasting, or signature drink stations significant to the bride and groom.  For added authenticity hire a sommelier to introduce wine and teach guests of proper tasting.  Not a drinker?,  Perhaps a cigar bar!  Hire a professional cigar-roller to roll cigars and teach guests the art of enjoying a good cigar, from cutting it correctly to puffing it properly.  Monogrammed glasses, pints, and wine bottle holders along with the cigars can act as favors for guests to take home.


Game Night- From an over-the –top Vegas type feel with card tables, craps or roulette; to a fairground themed with classic side stall games; all the way to casual board games, trivia, corn toss, and lawn Jenga, games are perfectly suited fun for kids and big kids alike.  Extend cocktail hour a little longer to get guests to test their skills and competitive edge.  Party favors or centerpieces can be given as prizes to those who try their luck.


Wedding Party Poster- Instead of the traditional guest sign-in book, opt for a simple black and white line drawing of quirky characters holding blank sign boards.  With a set of brief instructions and a pot of felt-tip colorful pens on the side, allow the guests to gradually fill the print by picking a character, coloring it in and writing a message on the board their character is holding.


And Last but not Least. . .Late Night Munchies- Hire a local food truck vendor (favorite of the bride and groom) to pull up to the reception for a late night snack for the guests.  Remember a long night of dancing and celebrating can burn a lot of calories!


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