Tips For Wearing Gloves For Your Wedding

Bridal gloves are a beautiful throwback that’s making a comeback.  Bridal gloves are available in many lengths, multiple fabrics, designs, and closures.  From gloves that cover the hand and hug the wrist, to medium length gloves that reach just below the elbow, to those that reach all the way past the elbow and nearly up to the shoulder.  Brides can choose from satin, silk, lace, knits and leather, and in any color of their choosing.  Whether you want a simple plain style or an elaborate embellished style, there is a perfect pair for every bride.  So if you decide to fit that princess role on your special day, here are some tips you should know for choosing the right length, when to wear the gloves, practice tips, and to know that it is acceptable to break the rules of etiquette in order to express one’s personality.

Choosing the Right Glove

As a major accessory, most brides choose a glove based on the style, color, and fabric of their dress.  The point of the gloves is to accentuate the dress style.  Simple dresses pair with ornate gloves and complicated dresses are balanced by understated gloves.  Remember to keep in mind the time of day your wedding takes place, the formality of the occasion, and your venue.  For instance, long gloves worn for a beach wedding would not work, but if it was for an evening wedding in an indoor venue that would be more appropriate. The most important factors in choosing gloves are the length and sizing.

The length of your gloves should compliment your dress.  Gloves that go over the wrist or just under the elbow will do for most dresses.  Dresses with long sleeves require only short gloves.  Dresses with short sleeves will do well with any length up to and just above the elbow.  Sleeveless and strapless gowns can of course bear the longest length, which is all the up to the shoulder.  Keep in mind if you plan to wear a bridal jacket or shawl, the glove length should be adjust to compliment the whole outfit.

The size of the glove is also important.  Make sure to not buy ones that are too tight, or too loose.  They should fit snuggly and feel comfortable.  Make sure to consult a proper measuring chart, and keep in mind that brands vary slightly in size.  However, to properly measure your hand for gloves, wrap a tape measure around the hand at the widest part around the knuckles, without including the thumb and match the measurement with the proper measuring chart.

Knowing When to Wear the Gloves

Gloves should be removed for the ring ceremony after you hand the maid of honor your bouquet, worn or not worn for the receiving line after the ceremony, worn for the first dances and pictures, worn for throwing the bouquet and removed when cutting the cake, eating and drinking.

Practice Makes Perfect

After purchasing and receiving your gloves, make sure to spend the time practicing putting them on and taking them off.  You want to make sure to avoid that awkward struggle at the altar.  Make sure when rehearsing for your ceremony that you also practice handing off your bouquet to your maid of honor, removing your gloves, and handing them over to her as well.  This way there is no confusion and the officiate will also be aware of the time needed for this moment.

Finally. . .Do Not Pay Attention to the Rules

While I have just provided you with some tips when wearing gloves for your wedding, I also want to encourage brides to always remember to express your personality.  If you want to wear red leather gloves with a white silk dress, then do that.  If you want to wear gloves while cutting your cake, by all means cut with gloves.  Long gone are the days of proper wedding etiquette.   Rules are meant to be broken.  After all, the only pair that should be noticed that day is the bride and groom, not your gloves.

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