Christmas or New Year’s Themed Weddings

‘Tis the season, as they say, and love is in the air!!! Christmas and New Year’s weddings are perfect for a themed wedding, and can be considerably easier to plan.  Now I am not saying by any means that any wedding is easy, there is no such thing.  I am just referring to the more centralized theme.  Certain colors, flowers, and even foods are associated with the holiday season and therefore can make the decision process move a little quicker.  Here a few things to consider while planning.

Décor is the easiest part for a Christmas or New Year’s wedding in my opinion.  Most churches and venues are already decorated for the holidays so sometimes all that is needed is a little “self-flare”.  Try and use what you are already provided as your base and build from there, because it will be less of a headache for yourself. You never know your color palette and flowers may be inspired by your surroundings.  Christmas and New Year’s themed ice sculptures are great for decoration at the reception.  Nutcrackers, swans, the New Year, even a Baby New Year Ice luge are just a few ideas, have fun with it.  Mother Nature can also help with your décor; snowflakes, bare branches spray painted, acorns, pine cones, Poinsettias, Christmas trees, and for the inspiring lovers- Mistletoe!  For New Year’s themed weddings make sure to have your ceremony late at night to make sure the reception is close to the midnight hour.  Perhaps, a balloon drop, party hats, horns and confetti to bring in the New Year and don’t forget the champagne toast!

Now my favorite part. . .Color!  Consider the colors of the season- blues, whites, silver, gold, red, greens.  For New Year’s themed weddings I would stick more with the silver, gold, or the classic black/white (consider adding a little accent color to really make it pop and not be so cliché).  Lace the colors throughout your wedding from bridesmaid’s dresses, cummerbunds, bouquets, ties or hankies, vests, and décor.

Location, location, location!  Your choice of venue can enhance your Christmas or New Year’s themed wedding.  A ski lodge, a hotel/resort nestled in the mountains or overlooking the skyline of your city, maybe even a centralized park complimented by a sleigh ride entrance.  Whatever your preference, keep in mind the travel and lodging costs, and proximity for your guests.  The holiday season can be both expensive and difficult for Wedding attendance.  Don’t get discouraged by numbers and remember to give enough notice when sending out your invitations.

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