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Choosing a Color Scheme for your Wedding

Location, location, location… When deciding on a color scheme, you must first consider the reception site. Whether it’s in your parent’s backyard, over-looking the 18th hole in a Country Club, or on the shore of a beach. Look to your surroundings for inspiration! For instance if it’s in a garden, you might want to consider earthy tones of green and brown to be a part of your palette. If you hold it in a Country Club with maroon and gold oriental carpets, a color scheme of hot pink and orange may not be your best choice. Choosing a venue can be half the battle.
Another element to consider while choosing your colors can be the time of season. If you think about it each season has colors that compliment it best. For example: blues, whites and metallics in the winter; reds, oranges, and browns of changing leaves for the fall; greens, and yellow are the colors of growth and life; and bright colors and pastels of blooming flowers for the spring. Even something as simple as a seasonal flower can drive your palette. The sultry red of a Poinsettia, the brilliant blue of Delphinium; or the vibrant white and pink of a Stargazer Lilly. Remember decorating can be simple when Mother Nature is your guide!

However you decide to pick your colors here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to choose 2 to 3 colors. One color can fall flat or look one-dimensional. More than 3 colors can be overwhelming, and looks too busy.
  • Pick colors you can find. With this consider your bridesmaids dress, flowers, and cake. Sometimes the colors are hard to match.Pick colors that best compliment your personal colors. Let’s face it ladies sometimes we just can’t wear certain colors, whether it is because of our hair color, eye color, skin tone, etc.

However, some colors make those attributes pop! Also don’t neglect your bridesmaids either with this suggestion!
Don’t Forget the Groom! The cummerbund, vest, and tie can all be a part of the color theme. You never know maybe one of his favorite team’s colors will spark some inspiration!
Finally. . .Incorporate Color with Care! There is such a thing as “too much”. Too many color combos, or too much of one color can overwhelm the feel of the wedding and not to mention your guests!
Remember in the end the most important thing is to choose something You like, and what best represents You and Your style. So go and fun with it, be unique, and let the creative juices flow!